Most of the technical online games have started playing with their own variations. They have come up with their terminologies. New players often get confused when they play online. They find it difficult to navigate through the website and make mistakes.

Online slots come in various themes and variations. The game is universal and most of the terms are the same across the globe. Even games meant for mobile game players also come bedecked with slot jargon. But a player needs to understand them to use the winning strategy to the fullest.

The article has broken down these terms in the simplest way. In this way, every player who plans to play an online slot machine can read the article, know the lingo, and win big. After reading the article you will be knowing the meaning of terms like Scatter and Wild.

Online Slots

What terms are used in online slot machines?

Many online slot machines have different themes. They generate their exclusive language which may attract some players or may irritate some of them.

Wilds And Sticky Wilds

Wild is one of the most sought-after symbols on a slot machine. It is easy to identify a wild symbol as the word wild is displayed every time a wild symbol appears on the screen.

The purpose of the wild is similar to the joker. It helps the player is making winning combinations. Players can choose to give it meaning as per the requirement of their winning combination. Players may even get free spins or bonus games as and when a wild symbol appears.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are widely used in online slot machines. The term has a similar function to wild. The only additional feature that they have is that they get stuck and do not disappear after a spin. Wild only helps once, Sticky Wild sticks to the screen and helps the player make more combinations.


Wild symbol gives the player an edge, while scatter only spills out rewards. The Scatter symbol unlocks special features of the game for players.

Wild may appear frequently on slot machines, but scatter is not that common. A player rarely gets a scatter symbol on their screens. At least three scatter symbols should appear on the reels simultaneously to unlock the special reward for the player.


Some games are designed in a way that they count the number of scatter symbols that have appeared on the progressive bar. If the player gets three scatter symbols, the reward unlocks and their chance of winning increases.

Cascading Reels

In cascading reels when a player gets winning symbols, the screen gets revamped and new types of symbols fill in to make the game more interesting. The old symbols are removed and new symbols take their place. This action is repeated one after the other until the player has hit all the possible winning combinations.

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